Webinar with focus on road safety organised in Dwarka

Webinar with focus on road safety organised in Dwarka



A webinar to make people aware about road safety was organised on Saturday. It was organised by Seniors Hub Dwarka, an organisation of senior citizens of Dwarka in association with Hella Lighting/Drive Smart Drive Safe.

The theme of the webinar was Road Safety – Doori Hai Zaroori. Anubrata Choudhury, an expert on road safety, was the speaker on the occasion. He made the community people aware about the subject.

General Secretary of Seniors Hub, Ravi Jaitley, welcomed the expert. Ramashankar Pandey, Managing Director of Hella Lighting, was also present in the webinar.

Choudhury, with the help of power point presentation and videos, explained how maintaining distance is important and related it to coronavirus too.

Addressing the people, he informed how over 400 people do not come back home when they leave in the morning which is a very alarming situation. Road safety can be ensured by keeping distance with other vehicles. He emphasised on the use of seat belts and asked people to refrain from using mobile phones while driving.

General Secretary, Seniors Hub, Ravi Jaitely said, “It was an extremely interactive webinar held at Microsoft Team platform which was attended by over 25 participants. The whole discussion lasted for about one and a half hour with question answer session alone taking more than one hour.”

Ramashankar Pandey, Managing Director of Hella Lighting, was a surprise visitor who chipped in during Q&A session in webinar.

RK Jain, President, Seniors Hub Dwarka, in his concluding remarks thanked Anubrata Choudhury and Ramashankar Pandey for their informative talk and expressed gratitude to participants for taking out time and making very intelligent and probing road safety enquiries.

“As many as 9 participants volunteered them to take this road safety message to every home in Dwarka by conducting similar webinars after receiving the required training from the pioneers Drive Smart Drive Safe team,” said Jain.